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  • Some tile factories around the world may still have release agents on their tiles; these are used on the tiles so that they will release from their base during production, it is advised on any tiles you purchase from any company to use a moist cloth to wipe the back of the tile prior to installation. Otherwise they may interfere with adhesive bonding to the tile.

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Warranty. 10 year warranty on tiles.

Standard Industry Conditions


  • The customer acknowledges it is essential that goods be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s directions & guidelines and relevant New Zealand building standards. We will have no responsibility for product failure caused by non observance of any such directions, guidelines & standards.
  • Whilst we may assist with and advise you in the selection of goods, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for the purpose you are using them for and that they comply with relevant regulations and specific requirements.
  • We expect the sample that we supply and the order product to be from the same batch There may be minor variations in shade and size between the sample and the delivered goods (and between one batch of goods and another) due to the manufacturing process by which tiles are produced. Variation in shade and size is not a defect. We will only supply one production batch per order. 
  • We recommend additional goods should be retained to allow for wastage and repairs as the same batch may not be available at a future date.
  • Nominal sizes are indicated; actual sizes can and will vary between batches/suppliers. If mixing tiles, compatibility should be confirmed prior to purchase.
  • The customer acknowledges that:
  1.  They do not rely in any way on us in relation to the use, fixing, installation or incorporation of the goods.
  2. We have no responsibility for the works of any trades person in installation of the goods, whether or not we may have recommended a trades person to you.
  • The customer is responsible for checking the tiles prior to installation. Any claims must be made before the goods have been laid or installed. Installation and laying of goods constitutes acceptance of the goods. No claims can be made by you against us and we will not be liable to anyone once goods are laid or installed.

  • Does not apply to clearance lines


Water absorption rates are a measurement of how much moisture a specific type of porcelain tile is likely to absorb on an ongoing basis. Some types of tiles may crack if the moisture penetration is too high. The four different ratings for tile moisture absorption are



  • Non-vitreous (Low density) – Tile with water absorption of more than 7.0 percent
  • Semi-vitreous (Medium density) – Tile with water absorption of more than 3.0 percent, but not more than 7.0 percent
  • Vitreous (High Density) – Tile with water absorption of more than 0.5 percent, but not more than 3.0 percent
  • Impervious (Extremely dense) – Tile with water absorption of 0.5 percent or less. This is where porcelain tile is generally categorized

  Reflecting the density of the tile body, ceramic tiles are also classified by their water absorption rate apart from the resistance to wear and tear. The water absorption rate is directly related with the suitability of the various types of tile for interior or exterior applications. For exterior applications, the selected tiles must have a very low water absorption rate (as close to an impervious rating as possible), especially in climates subjected to rainfall, freezing, and thawing cycles. A low water absorption rate also enables a tile to absorb food or beverage stains on a lesser percentage. This is usually a porcelain tile, which has a moisture absorption rating of less than 0.5 %.

  • Generally a handling and restocking fee of 28% will apply to returns of unopened cartons tiles, subject to criteria. Refund or credit will be given on the safe return and once processing has been done.